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I am a Brand Strategist based in Calicut, Kerala, passionate about business and brands through strategic marketing initiatives. I hold a B.voc  from Farooq College, which I currently retain. Through a comprehensive program at Harris & Co Academy, I am now in the dynamic field of digital marketing.

Designing logos and themes, social media marketing, content creation, website construction, SEO, and Google Ads are some of my areas of expertise. I am one of the reputable Brand Strategist in Calicut coordinating a brand’s values, visual elements and overall marketing initiatives.

As a brand strategist,I take pride in my responsibility to always provide high-caliber services to my clients and recommend solutions that provide value for time and return on investment.


Brand Analysis

As a Brand Strategist in Calicut, I was involved in research and analysis to gain insights into the current state of the brand, its position in the market, and how it is perceived by the target audience. It helps in formulating and analyzing strategic decisions to  the brand.

visual identity

Visual identity is fundamental to branding and marketing initiatives. As a brand strategist, I understand the demand factors that align with the brand’s goals and values and help create brand recognition and remember among consumers.

brand guidelines

Brand guidelines, a brand strategist establishes uniformity by outlining the rules about the use of the logo, colors, and communication style. They protect the brand’s identity by working together with design teams to make sure it consistent and appeals to the target market.

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Branding Building

As a brand Strategist, I am focused on creating and nurturing a strong messaging and recognizable brand identity.

Brand Development

Brand development of maintaining the quality, distinctive marketing assets, and consumer trust of a brand.

Marketing and Promotion

I am using various marketing channels and strategies to increase brand awareness and reach your target audience.

Market Research

Conduct research to understand consumer behavior, market trends, and competitors. This helps in making informed decisions about branding strategies.

Branding Identity

This includes defining your brand’s mission, values, personality, and unique selling points. Brand identity makes it different from competitors.

Brand Monitoing

Continuously monitor the brand’s performance and public perception through metrics and feedback, making adjustments as needed.

Messaging and communication

Effective messaging and communication are vital in conveying information, ideas, and emotions clearly and persuasively.

Brand Evolution

Brand evolution is adapting and updating your brand strategy and identity to reflect the changing needs and preferences of your customers, markets, and competitors.

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As a  brand strategist Shad Sajid Rahman is incredible to me. He is highly skilled and his tailored strategies and attention to detail have benefitted everyone working with him.

Fathima Mehjabin

A Freelance SEO Analyst in Malappuram, Kerala

Being a teammate with Shad was an insightful experience. He proved expertise in all his elements. He is a brand strategist in Calicut with all strategies. The procedures he follows before committing to each task are also commendable.


A Growth & Performance Marketer,Kerala

I enjoyed collaborating with Shad on rebuilding our company’s brand identity. His expertise as a Brand Strategist analyst has significantly improved the visibility and organic traffic to our website, producing noteworthy outcomes.


Freelance Content Writer in Calicut

Most Asked Questions

why people choosing brand strategist?

People Choose Brand Srategists to define their brand to stand out in the market , and connect with their audience effectively.

What is the role of a brand strategist

The role of a brand strategist : Brand strategists play a crucial role in shaping a brand’s identity, guiding its market positioning, and ensuring consistent and effective communication with the target audience.

• Defining Brand Identity
• Market Research
• Positioning Strategy
• Communication Strategy
• Brand Guidelines
• Campaign Planning
• Performance Analysis

What does a brand strategist do at social media ?

A brand strategist in the realm of social media crafts a strategy that aligns with the brand’s identity, engages the target audience effectively, maintains consistency, leverages trends, and utilizes data to optimize performance.

• Platform Selection
• Content Strategy
• Audience Engagement
• Consistency
• Trend Analysis
• Campaign Integration
• Data Analysis
• Influencer Collaborations
• Community Building

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